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Matt Gratt is a SaaS Marketing & Growth Consultant based in Austin, Texas. He works with a variety of startups and growth-stage companies. You can see more from him at

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Keyword Research for SaaS & Subscription Services

Recurring Revenue is Magical, and it’s magical for only one reason: It recurs. And this simple fact explains the move to subscription business models across most major industries – from the ecommerce box trend, to desktop software like Office and Photoshop – to media properties and even charities moving to monthly subscriptions. But marketing subscriptions is different […]


Keyword Research for Lead Generation

Search marketing and lead generation go together like peanut butter and chocolate. You’d be surprised – but search is one of the best channels for lead generation – unlike marketing channels of the past where you had to build a brand over time using multiple and expensive exposures… or hope a prospect blundered into your […]